Illegally sentenced in Russia to 20 years in prison Stanislav Klyh instead of medical attention, was subjected to forced psychiatric treatment, which was not able to do the basic things. This was reported on the website of the human rights organization Amnesty International.

From March 2017 Klyh contained in the colony town of Verkhneuralsk, Chelyabinsk region. After a 12-day hunger strike in July this year in protest against her illegal detention, his health deteriorated, and he wrote to the leadership of the prison request for medical aid in connection with low pressure and hemoglobin level.

Instead of having to send it in a regular medical facility, the prison on 28 August of Cliche transferred to a psychiatric hospital of Magnitogorsk, where it is against the will kept until 8 September.

“In the hospital Stanislav Klychu forcibly injected unknown drugs. His mother says that as a result of this “treatment” it feels “stiff” and “behaving like a child”, unable to do basic things such as washing,” – said Oksana Pokalchuk, Director of Amnesty International Ukraine.

According to her, the hospital refused to disclose what drugs he was used and for what purpose.

“Upon returning from the hospital he was not able to control the hands, and several fingers were damaged. This can be considered as torture. We are afraid that since Klyh and has not received proper medical care,” said Pokalchuk.

“To Stanislav Clichu in a psychiatric hospital could apply unacceptable and rude methods similar to those used in punitive psychiatry in Soviet times. It actually broke”, she added.

It is noted that after a stay in a psychiatric hospital Magnitogorsk Klyh lost 15 kg. According to the testimony of his mother, Tamara Klyh, who has been here 10, 11 and 12 October, the Stanislaus was the bedsores, the five fingers were badly damaged.

May 19, 2016 in the capital of Chechnya, the court of the occupiers recognized the Ukrainian political prisoners Mykola Karpiuk and Stanislaus Cliche guilty “of crimes during the Chechen war.” On may 26, a Russian court ruled the Ukrainians of the sentence, the first appointed 22.5 years, the second 20 years of imprisonment.

Russian special services kidnapped Karpyuk in March 2014 in Chernihiv region, and Klyh was arrested in August of the same year in Orel (Russia). Both deny their guilt. The Ukrainians claim that they were unlawfully detained, and that they used torture. The human rights center “memorial” in Russia recognized Karpyuk and Cliche political prisoners.

In September 2017 it was reported that Klyh is “hospitalized” in a psychiatric hospital of the city of Magnitogorsk, Chelyabinsk region, Russia.

November 10 reported that the condition of Cliche has deteriorated, he has been in a coma for six days.

Cliche in Russia tortured punitive psychiatry – Amnesty 22.12.2017

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