Yesterday, August 22, from Syrian territory controlled by tel Aviv and the Golan heights, the projectile came. No harm to the Israeli contingent had fallen in a mine field, the projectile did not cause, however, in response to such a move, the Israeli air force struck the artillery positions of the Syrian government forces, writes the Times of Israel.

According to the defense Ministry of Israel, in response, was struck Syrian army artillery systems in the Central part of the Syrian Golan”.

The Syrian Golan in recent years has become an arena of fierce confrontation between the forces of the dictator Bashar al-Assad and Islamist terrorists from al-Nusra Front linked to al-Qaeda.

Also, according to the Israeli side, this area is used by the Shiite militants of Hezbollah and the Quds forces (a division of the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps in Iran) for building “a potential new front against Israel.”

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Combat, Israeli aircraft destroyed Artashat the forces of Assad media 23.08.2016

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