The Ukrainian Consul received permission to visit in the Krasnodar detention center abducted FSB Pavel Mushroom, but under the condition not to discuss with the detainee the circumstances of his case. This is today’s press conference said the head of the consular Department of consular service of the MFA of Ukraine Vasily Kirilich.

He noted that the Consulate General of Ukraine in Rostov-na-Donu repeatedly addressed with the requirement to give permission for the visit to the Consul to illegally detained Paul Mushroom.

“According to preliminary information, the Consulate General has received permission to visit Paul’s Mushroom 23 Oct 2017,” he said.

The Russian side has put forward its conditions to the visiting Consul to illegally detained Ukrainians: to communicate in Russian and do not involve fact.

Kirilich said that in such circumstances a meeting was held on September 18. “Obviously, it was about General things, because representatives of the detention facility is strictly warned the Consul, as a detainee of the Fungus that they need to communicate exclusively in Russian and not in any way address the subject of his detention. Thus, the Consul found a way and such language that touched on themes of foundations, reasons, circumstances of detention of Pavel Mushroom, but in a way it was possible,” he said.

Kirilich expressed the hope that during a new meeting, the Consul will be able to assess the situation of Ukrainian, and the information obtained will allow to build the future steps to release the Mushroom and return to Ukraine. He also urged Ukrainians to refrain from intentions to visit the Russian Federation, since Russia has become a “danger to the citizens of Ukraine.”

Father Paul Mushroom – Igor Grib also said that yesterday and today had received replies to the appeal to the President of the Russian Federation and to the Federal security service in Krasnodar region “with almost identical text.”

“It is written that Paul Mushroom was detained on the territory of the Russian Federation where he was charged with the appropriate charges,” he said, adding that it is a lie, because everything points to the fact that his son was detained on the territory of Belarus.

Kirilich added that the Belarusian side still has not provided official information about the possible arrest of the Fungus on the territory of Belarus. So at the end of September the Embassy of Ukraine re-sent a note to the foreign Ministry with a request to clarify the situation.

On 18 October, a Russian court extended the detention period of the Fungus.

On 24 August on the territory of Belarus kidnapped Mushroom special services of the Russian Federation. After that he was illegally transported to the territory of the Russian Federation and placed in pre-trial detention in Krasnodar. The Russians accuse the Ukrainians of committing a crime under part 1 St .205 criminal code (a terroristic act).

Consul of Ukraine allowed to see Mushroom, imposing conditions 18.10.2017

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