To avoid excessive costs for gifts, adults in the West are turning to the proverb-the justification of “Christmas only once a year”, and for children it is like a warning about the limitations of utopia. No doubt, they would be angry if they learned that in some parts of the world it is not – and there’s two Christmas. So begins an editorial in the British weekly The Economist, which referred to the fact that Ukraine has recently appointed December 25 – Christmas day – public holiday.

Thus, precise British journalists, in Ukraine, there is another holiday – Christmas according to the Orthodox calendar (January 7): “Thus, the country became the fifth in the world with two Christmases, joining Belarus, Moldova, Eritrea and Lebanon.”

The reason for such excess Yuletide lie deep in history, says the publication.

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“In 1582, Pope Gregory XIII approved the reform of the Julian calendar, which was used from 45 BC, Many European countries quickly switched (to the new calendar – ed.), others have gone centuries. Russia only in 1918, after the coming to power of the Bolsheviks adopted the Gregorian calendar. But the Russian, Serbian and Georgian Orthodox churches have left Julian behind 13 days,” he told journalists.

The Economist reminds us that in the atheistic Soviet Union did not recognize Christmas as a state holiday, but after the collapse of the Union countries the heirs had to choose the day for him.

“Belarus has refused to choose after independence in 1991 it has approved two Christmas. Moldova has chosen the Orthodox holiday, but in 2013, in accordance with europremium decided to designate 25 December is also a festive day. Lebanon, where a shaky peace is maintained policy to celebrate the holidays of all religions, has long been celebrating Armenian Christmas on 6 January,” write the publication, adding that Latvia has failed several attempts to make January 7 a holiday for the Russian Orthodox, as in Turkey.

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According to the authors of the article in predominantly Orthodox Ukraine, the appointment of the feast on December 25 – part course on the West.

“But there (in Ukraine – ed.) celebrating more modest than in the West. On Christmas eve, Ukrainians littered the floor under the table with a straw to celebrate the birth of Jesus, and a traditional dish called “hungry kutya” is they have 12 dishes without meat. “Rich kutyu” with meat dishes already served at Christmas,” write for readers in the West to British journalists.

As noted in The Economist, some Ukrainians see no need for yet another festive day, as most will still celebrate Christmas in January.

But among Ukrainians to 12 years, the idea of double Christmas is probably more popular, say in the editorial office.

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“Cool, they celebrate twice”: the Economist about Christmas in Ukraine 15.12.2017

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