Counsellor of the Embassy of Ukraine to Belarus Igor Skvortsov, Minsk declared persona non grata in connection with the “spy scandal” around the Ukrainian journalist Pavel Sharoika, left Belarus. Comments about this Radio Liberty said the Ambassador of Ukraine in this country, Igor].

According to Kizima, the journalist was detained after he was released from the Ukrainian Embassy and heading home.

Earlier the Information resistance with reference to its sources in Belarus reported that Sharoika detained after the meeting with the journalist of the Russian NTV, who allegedly offered him some secret documents.

“As for his (Sharoika – ed.) relations with the Embassy employee Igor Skvortsov, then they were friends. Paul here in the Embassy were all friends,” said the Ambassador.

He does not believe that Sharoika – the personnel employee of Main intelligence Directorate of the defense Ministry of Ukraine, as claimed by the Belarusian KGB.

“What they say Paul allegedly admitted that he is a career employee of WTP, then let them show. KGB I don’t believe. It is not known what he was saying there are no witnesses as saying. And the fact that he was informed in the Ministry of defence and that he had some kind of title, it is not a secret for anyone,” said Kizim.

The Ambassador noted that Sharoika gathered information as a journalist. “And from those of the journalists took the information, or from whom. Everyone who worked as a journalist, I know how to do it. That said he has developed some kind of network, every journalist has their network. Here you are calling me – I am also in your network,” said Kizim.

The Ambassador said that he did not agree with the decision of Belarus to declare Skvortsova persona non grata, but could not carry out this decision. “…And for a certain time Igor Skvortsov left. I said it was nonsense, but I have to do”, – said Kizim.

“These spy games do not please me. Was forcing the situation. It surprises me”, he added.

17 November 2017, it became known that in Belarus on charges of “espionage” detained correspondent of the Ukrainian radio, Ukrainian citizen Pavel Sharoika. The KGB said that Sharoika is a member of the Gur, he allegedly created a spy network from among the citizens of Belarus, “who for a reward followed their instructions to collect information of the nature of intelligence in the military-political sphere.”

Belarus declared persona non grata by the counselor of the Embassy of Ukraine to Belarus Igor Skvortsov. The Belarusian KGB claimed that the journalist Sharoika allegedly admitted that the diplomat has coordinated its activities. The Belarusian side calls Skvortsova “the employee of the Main intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine”, which allegedly acted under the guise of the post of adviser to the Ukrainian Embassy.

Gur, the defense Ministry denied the information that Sharoika is a member of the Ukrainian intelligence.

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Counsellor of the Embassy of Ukraine has left Belarus – Ambassador 21.11.2017

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