Croatian General Slobodan praljak began to present, who took poison in a courtroom in the Hague, died in hospital. This is with reference to Croatian state news Agency AFP reported.

RFE on his Twitter notes that the Dutch police refused to comment on the incident.

As previously reported, in the Hague during a meeting of the international Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, the Croatian General Slobodan praljak began to present took poison after he read out the verdict of the appellate court.

The video from the courtroom in the Hague you can see how praljak began to present rose, raised it to his mouth hand and swallowed something, threw his head back.

According to the Guardian, then the General shouted: “I am not a war criminal.”

Judging by the video, the praljak began to present the lawyer reported that his client took poison after about a minute after the General had drunk something. “My client says that he took poison,” cried the defender. Then, in the courtroom began to panic a little.

Praljak began to present was one of six former Croatian political and military leaders, who in 2013 was convicted of persecution, murder and the illegal deportation of Muslims during the war in Bosnia. In particular, the General was sentenced to 20 years in prison. Today the court in the Hague considered the appeal against the verdict.

Croatian General praljak began to present died after taking poison in the Hague 29.11.2017

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