Among start-up companies, the fashion to attract investment alternative way – through the sale of tokens for the cryptocurrency. This so-called ICO (Initial Coin Offering). Such a tool often adopting technology startups, which are later going to use for their future ideas Blockchain as the underlying technology. They are not strangers to everything about the crypt. They pretend to be new players cryptoeconomy.

Such General concepts as cryptoamnesia or ICO look beautiful, but many have predictable fears that the crypto-startups – a bubble. And startups – just playing on the popularity of new trends dealers. And these assertions optionally, you can find a lot of evidence. Though, because the exchange rate of the cryptocurrency is still very unstable. And it is not always clear at the end vendingovyh campaigns, what the value of those collected funds. And the value of the new ideas of young entrepreneurs sometimes think is overrated.

But I will try to show the other side of the coin and analyze how the same task can solve crypto-startups. And why it is unlikely to be solved using the tools of traditional Economics.

When there are no friends, no reputation

Let’s start with the search of similarities. The naked eye can detect that startups who apply at the global level and has recently launched ICO, want to solve the problem of the same order. Their goal is to play on the hidden potential of a particular market, the value of which is still impossible to remove with traditional methods. For example, Propy startup, with smart contracts is going to solve the problem of easy and quick sale of land, real estate, and perhaps in the future another property to the foreign investors. This is an area where traditionally there were many obstacles. First and foremost, due to the lack of links between real estate sellers from one country and buyers in another. Well, if you have a competent agent or just friends abroad who will help to find the right connections with the owners and establish trust. But if not, potential investors simply will not know what investment opportunities they have abroad, do not trust strangers.

In the example Propy relationship quotes buyers and sellers of China and the United States. Now citizens of China is one of the largest groups of foreign investors in US real estate (owned by the American property worth more than $28 billion). But the total local market States ten times more – more than $29 trillion. While not all the newly wealthy Chinese know the mechanisms of how to choose and buy something in America. Although it probably would.

The Blockchain in this case can substitute for the missing link. In a decentralized registry, anyone can trace his interest transaction. Such transparent operation on one side will form the reputation of the seller, the agent and the other investors. Here, almost everyone in Uber, where the passenger sees the rating of the driver, and the driver – whom he would have to fail. The only difference is that General rules are centralized Uber comes up with, and in transactions on the basis of decentralized registries – all of their members.

Virtual exchange

About the same unsolved to the present day niche market wants to take another future marketplace for the sale of virtual goods. He finished ICO yesterday and raised $11.5 million (converted at the exchange rate of the cryptocurrency) for four days. In the world there are thousands of video games in which players get to either spend a lot of money on leveling their characters, the purchase of virtual attributes. But a single marketplace for all these virtual worlds until recently did not exist. It did not allow more than 2 billion players to sell their virtual values. Only the most advanced known gamers beneficial to sell the skins separately. Others trust them, so in their gaming worlds they already have a certain reputation. The player who has no one in the virtual world, you will hardly find a single buyer for virtual goods that are no longer needed. For the simple reason that he won’t even know how to do it. Here, decentralized Blockchain can once again play its role and to shape new values, new market.

On these bricks and can be built in the foreseeable future cryptoamnesia. It will gradually fill in those niches, where the transaction for some reason was impossible. And the value of the goods or services was limited. Essentially what I’m trying to build new startups, much like ecosystem services, which are already formed services for the rental housing AirBnB or Uber private taxi driver. The only difference is that the constructor, which is going ecosystem, will no longer have a centralized collector. The rules of the game will form the participants of this game. This should theoretically open up new possibilities in the field of logistics and cross-border traffic, cross-border transactions and investments. In other words, the world is one step away from becoming more globalized. And only the launch of startups such as Propy or Dmarket in 2018 will show us, this next step. Moreover, the risk that the new trend will just inflate the bubble is very large.

Cryptoamnesia, start: where will the new billion-dollar markets 23.08.2017

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