Deputies have not found the compromise on the language issue in the education act. Negotiations will continue during the lunch break, the correspondent of

Project, prepared for the second reading stipulates that the language of the educational process in Ukraine is the state language. The representatives of indigenous peoples and minorities are guaranteed the right to education in their native language along with Ukrainian.

It is also envisaged that the number of subjects that are taught in the Ukrainian language should gradually be increased.

The Minister of education and science, Liliya Hrynevych said that this will allow indigenous peoples and ethnic minorities to fully develop the Ukrainian language in school.

She stressed that the current system provides the opportunity to study in the language of national minorities, and graduates of these classes do not speak the state language.

MP Oksana Bilozir has offered to support his edit, which provides that representatives of national minorities are guaranteed only the right to study their native language, while all other subjects should be taught in Ukrainian.

Speaker Andrew paruby put the proposal on preferential voting. The Committee proposal was voiced by Liliya Hrynevych, got 160 votes of deputies, the proposal Oksana Bilozir – 196, in the 226 necessary for decision-making.

Parubiy suggested that the representatives of factions and ministries during the break between the plenary meetings to gather and formulate a coherent position on the article on the language of the educational process in Ukraine. Consideration of amendments the MPs will be back at the evening plenary session at 16.00.

Earlier, in Latvia, the government supported the amendments proposed by the Ministry of education and science on the procedure of state examinations for students of classes 9 and 12, according to which the students are now not allowed to take the examination in any other language, except state.

Deputies have not found the compromise language 05.09.2017

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