First Deputy head of the State migration service Pimanova Dean told how he met with detective NABS Sergei Boyarsky, who later allegedly tried to bribe her. The correspondent reports about it

At a briefing for journalists Pimanova said, “agent NABOO” met a few months after appointment to the post of first Deputy GMS (was appointed in February 2017 – ed.). The man allegedly became interested in the car that was sold to a relative of Emahool from Zaporozhye. Presented himself as a man representative of the Arab investment Fund Mubadala Sergei Titenkova.

The official also said that after the submission of the application to SBU she found out that he has another name – Sergei Boyarsky. According to her, that he is “a representative or employee of NABOO,” she also found out after the application.

The clerk said that he had communicated with the man for several months, during which they had “friendly relations”.

After he first offered money, Pimakhov appealed to law enforcement agencies. After this meeting Titancoil-boyars were already under covert control of the security services and using technical listening tools.

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Yesterday, November 29, 2017, the SMS stated that he was arrested “agent NABS suspected attempt to bribe the” first Deputy head of the HMS Dean Emahool. NABOO called the charges untrue. The Bureau says that “according to the materials of the case, the official herself has repeatedly voiced the requirement to obtain “encouragement” in the amount of $30 thousand: first, for a positive decision on granting a foreigner the citizenship of Ukraine, and subsequently for granting a residence permit on the territory of Ukraine”.

Earlier, the NAB declared that November 24 was exposed by the suspect who offered the employee of NABOO a bribe of $800 thousand.

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Deputy head of GMS told how he met with detective NABS 30.11.2017

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