Large depositors of the liquidated Bank, the deposits exceeding the guaranteed amount of compensation of 200 thousand UAH, will be able to get your money back in the total volume of 8.8 billion UAH only in the case of the release of the Bank’s assets from the pledge of a number of secured creditors. About this informed the Deputy of the Deposit guarantee Fund of individuals (fgvfl) Andrew olenchyk, writes UNIAN.

“These institutions have concluded pledge agreements with Delta Bank, their liabilities are met out of the lineup,” said Olenchyk.

According to him, when the carrying value of assets of Delta Bank at 94.3 billion market value is only 27.4 billion But even with the sale of assets is the rate that revenues will cover payments to depositors of the third stage (already paid deposits within the guaranteed amount of 200 thousand UAH for the total amount of UAH 15.5 billion) and fourth stage (deposits of “200+” to 8.8 billion UAH).

There is another specificity of Delta Bank: its best assets are pledged for liabilities to the secured creditors whose claims are to be repaid out of turn, said Olenchyk.

He said that among these creditors with the requirements of Oschadbank by UAH 1.7 bn, SMI (UAH 3.9 bn) and number of creditors relating to the group Foxtrot (RS 5 billion).

The Deputy head of the Fund noted that the agreements with secured creditors are void, but the creditors do not agree, therefore go long trials with Oschadbank, SMI, Foxtrot.

“The courts are held, with varying success, but overall, we have reasonable expectations that if not all 11 billion, then at least with a significant part of this amount will be charged encumbrance, and we will be able to sell assets in order to repay funds to depositors,” he said.

The representative of the Fund also reported that the public organization “the Union of investors of Bank” has already initiated legal proceedings with the National Bank of Ukraine, which has a claim on assets in the amount of 9 billion UAH.

DGF was accused of large deposits in the Delta Bank 24.11.2017

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