An American soldier was killed in the detonation of a roadside bomb near the Iraqi city of Mosul. About it reported in Department of defense 29 April, reports Radio Liberty.

According to the newspaper, this is the second death of a U.S. serviceman during the operation to liberate the city from the militants of the terrorist group Islamic state. However, the Pentagon did not disclose any additional details on the death of the military.

In General, during the battle for Mosul, which began more than six months ago, killed about 800 Iraqi troops.

At the moment, about a hundred soldiers of the U.S. special operations conduct combat operations with Iraqi and Kurdish forces, hundreds of U.S. military support this campaign in other Iraqi cities.

Since August 2014, killed five Americans, when the military forces of the United States began to return to Iraq to fight Islamic extremists.

Earlier it was reported that almost half a million civilians have fled Mosul after Iraqi troops with US support, launched a military operation to liberate the city from Islamic state militants in October 2016.

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Died in Iraq, the US military in the detonation of a roadside bomb 30.04.2017

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