Died satirist and Pro-Russian advocate Mikhail Zadornov. About this incident reports the Russian TV channel REN TV.

Zadornov died on 70-m to year of life.

Late TV presenter Regina Dubovitskaya confirmed the Agency “Moscow” the information. “Yes, indeed, Mikhail died. Nothing more I can say, the information is unexpected,” she said.

Zadornov has long been treated for cancer. Beginning in the fall of 2016, he cancelled performances due to chemotherapy, and October 22 last year, was hospitalised in one of hospitals in Moscow

Recently Zadornov writing satirical monologues switched to the creation and promotion of “rodnoverskie” Newspeak, based on unscientific theories. In his opinion, the word “joy” comes from the root “RA”, from what Zadornov has concluded that in Ancient Egypt it was said in Russian.

A typical etymological research of Mikhail Zadornov are as follows: “…And the word “hero” is derived from two words “God” and “rip-off”. Here are just a “rip-off” in the ancient language meant “to carry”. This is the later “carry” and “steal” were merged into a single process… the Opposite of “Hurrah!” (also with the root “RA” – ed.) – “alas.” “You” is “darkness”. As always said, “have at you!”. “Vy” – the king of darkness. So never in the Russian language, God didn’t call “You”. Only “You”.

Ukrainians, according to Zadornov, of course, were “one people” with the Russians. But this did not prevent him in a radio program called the citizens of Ukraine “evrohohly”.

Died Mikhail Zadornov 10.11.2017

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