The world-famous French film Director Luc Besson called on his compatriots to vote in the second round of the presidential elections against crooks from the party of marine Le Pen. The statement he posted on his page in Facebook.

“Rogues. Two of them, and they work in tandem: the Family of Le Pen and the national front,” – said Besson.

Film Director, famous for his movies “Leon”, “Fifth element”, “Blue”, “Subway”, recalled hard-hitting biography of the founder of the National front Jean-Marie Le pen and his daughter marine Le Pen called a quitter, that no day in my life was not working.

“Father (Jean-Marie Le Pen, – red.), for which the Holocaust is only a part, racism is a sweet melody, and foreigners harmful. About 40 years ago he had a shop, which sold freely different things associated with fascism, racism and xenophobia. Not so long ago he still had a recording Studio that has rights to Nazi songs. She (marine Le Pen, – ed.) never worked a day in his life, either in business or at the plant, and especially on the farm. She never participated in the development of France, and never created the jobs (except, apparently, fictional). It is, in fact, a perfect representative of the system that it exposes. She lives on benefits from Brussels, and uses all the laws of the system to improve their lives,” said the Director.

Besson also said that there had been workable provisions in the program of Le Pen. He condemned the proposals of the National front to close the borders and expel the foreigners. “Closeness leads to isolation. Isolation leads to totalitarianism. Totalitarianism leads to fascism. Fascism is war,” wrote the French Director.

According to Besson, in the case of coming to power, Le Pen will only worsen the situation for the poor.

Earlier, about 30 French media have signed a petition condemning the decision of the national front party, whose leader is the candidate for the French presidency, marine Le Pen, to choose a certain media that can accompany Le Pen.

Director Luc Besson called on French people to vote against Le Pen 30.04.2017

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