Doctors in the Indian city of Amritsar during the operation was removed from the stomach of the patient 40 knives. This writes Bi-bi-si.

How did you manage to install the workers, 42-year-old man literally was swallowing knives. Such a number of sharp objects he had accumulated in the stomach for three months.

According to doctors, the patient came to the hospital, complaining of severe stomach pains. However, he admitted that swallows knives. It only came out in the survey.

The operation lasted five hours, was held by five doctors. “It was a difficult operation and we had planned beforehand that it could be successful,” – said one of the doctors.

Now the patient is in the hospital, his life already threatens nothing. The doctors are trying to figure out why the man was swallowing knives.

“We don’t know the exact cause, but it seems that he suffers from some physiological disorder. Even his family knew about his strange habit,” explained the doctor.

The patient received psychological assistance.

Doctors in India have extracted 40 knife from the stomach of the patient 24.08.2016

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