Swedish scientists studied the statistics of the incidence of cardiovascular pathologies in the country and found that the presence of the dog house is able to significantly reduce the risk of heart disease. Especially important this factor was for single people: the threat of death from these diseases was reduced on average by 33%. For families, the risk was reduced by 15%. It is reported online edition of Naked Science, citing a study published in the journal Scientific Reports.

The researchers used data on the health of about 3.5 million Swedes aged 40 to 80 years, collected through large cohort studies. The observation period lasted 12 years, initially the participants in the study were not diagnosed with cardiovascular disease. According to the registers of pet owners, dogs kept 13% of study participants. This group was on average younger, their average age was 52 years. The average age of the remaining participants accounted for 58 years. Also dog owners are often chosen for areas with less population density.

A comparison of the data showed that it is best having a dog affected the health of single people. The risk of disease they have decreased by 11%, the risk of death from cardiovascular disease – 33%. The most “useful” was a breed of dog originally bred for hunting, such as Terriers and retrievers.

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Since the national health registers include a limited amount of information about a person, it is impossible to identify the root cause of the positive impact dogs. Researchers believe that dog owners can on average spend more time in the fresh air. Also previous studies have shown that having Pets reduces stress on the body – from the owners of dogs after stressful events quickly recovered the normal values of blood pressure. In addition, factor in the development of abnormalities of the heart consider the subjective feeling of loneliness and isolation. Likely, dog owners are less likely to feel lonely. Another possible reason for this effect – the influence of diversity of microorganisms on the human immune system.

Previously, scientists reported that dogs are sensitive to the emotional state of their masters and have the ability to copy them anxious and negative behavior.

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Dogs reduce the risk of developing heart disease from the owners – the scientists 19.11.2017

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