Residents of temporarily occupied Donetsk and Lugansk are preparing to celebrate the New year. About it reports Radio Freedom.

“Came for a little Christmas tree, granddaughter,” said a local resident.

There are needles and cheaper. “Little Christmas tree, we offer you 250 rubles, even a 200 is discharged price. Branches we have 50 rubles, 25. The selection is large and inexpensive,” said the seller.

Trees native to Russia – Penza. But they enjoy. “Unusually. Was previously with long needles and green,” said the man. Sell mostly pine. But you can find the Christmas tree.

“The tree is a little more expensive – from 700 rubles. Even blue Christmas tree we have. Blue costs about 2,500 rubles,” – said the seller. And pine, and Christmas trees local sellers wrapped in the “europanova”.

Donetsk residents said that he had made lists of the foods you need to stock up before the New year.

“Sausage brought in, to be honest, from Ukraine, “presidential”. Calf a little bought salmon fish bought” – shared resident of Donetsk.

As for Christmas toys, then enough of them in the city markets.

“A snowman take from us. Santas too – our Donetsk production. Lisichansk, Lugansk releases. Very affordable prices,” – shows the range of the saleswoman.

Donetsk residents said that to spend on Christmas table will have more than last year.

“I can’t even imagine how much. More expensive than last year,” said a resident of Donetsk. “Probably ten thousand,” he estimated the other man.

“Everything “beauty”! It’s once a year there is a feast. How much of that money and spend it, as they say,” – said a resident of Donetsk.

The inhabitants of Lugansk with the purchase of a tree not in a hurry. At the local Christmas bazaars and Donetsk – Russian pine.

“This is all – Russian. Our burned down in 2014. There are only branches, and the young are all burnt down,” explained sellers.

Local residents said today that pine trees are mainly from 300 rubles.

“A lot of them in the city, it seems even more than themselves Luhansk,” – ironically a local resident Sergei, whose name is changed for security purposes.

Answering the question what wishes will come true in the new year’s eve, Sergei said, “I and my family want to win, to Ukraine. Yet believe…”.

Luganchanka Marina added that all wars end sooner or later. “I do not want to stay here, cut off from the world”.

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Donbass on the eve of New year: Christmas trees from Russia and Ukrainian products 27.12.2017

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