The President of Poland Andrzej Duda signed a law on the Supreme court and the provincial Council proceedings. In a special statement, he noticed that the signed laws different from those which the Parliament adopted in July, according to Polish Radio.

In particular, the powers of the Minister of justice and the rule of retirement of judges of the Supreme court. After the introduction of this law the number of judges of the Supreme court will increase. Because of this, in the opinion of the President, the court can make decisions faster.

Also provides for the establishment of this body two new wards. One of these citizens will be able to submit petitions through agencies such as the Prosecutor General and the Ombudsman.

The regional Council proceedings, the President of Duda, is democratization. This Council will be representatives of the citizens, which will choose a Parliament.

Duda said his surprise the critics that laws are a threat to democracy.

8 December in the Polish Sejm (lower house of Parliament) voted for the law on the Supreme court, which suggested Duda.

The EU believes that judicial reform undermines the rule of law in Poland, because the appointment of judges can affect the impartiality of the courts.

And the publication of the European righteousness reported that the European Commission on 20 December decided to start the procedure of imposing sanctions against Poland for a violation of the rule of law.

Duda has signed laws on the courts, against which are in the EU 21.12.2017

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