Philippine dictator Rodrigo Duterte said that the totalitarian regime in North Korea is “playing with dangerous toys”, calling a colleague from North Korea, Kim Jong-UN “fool” and “son of a bitch”. This is with reference to the statement of the President of the Philippines during a speech before the local tax authorities, writes Reuters.

“This Kim Jong – UN is a fool. He plays with dangerous toys, such a fool. The one, whose chubby face looks so good. That son of a bitch. If he makes a mistake, the far East will become a desert. One little skirmish – and then it all explodes. The fallout would poison the land, the resources, and I don’t know that we’d all be. This nuclear war must be stopped,” bluntly said Duterte.

According to the Agency, it happened just a few days before the international meeting in Manila, which will discuss the problem with the nuclear militarization of North Korea. In the capital of the Philippines will gather the foreign Ministers of the countries that are against Ynu.

Kim Jong-UN (photo – EPA)

According to officials in Washington, Saturday’s missile test, the DPRK demonstrated that the regime in Pyongyang may have a means of delivery of nuclear warheads on most of the mainland United States.

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In June 2017 Eun ordered to “preserve and protect” nuclear weapons, stating that “the survival” of the DPRK. South Korean military believe that the country’s Northern neighbor, there are about 30 objects in the production and maintenance of nuclear weapons.

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Duterte: son of a Bitch Eun – playing with dangerous toys fool 02.08.2017

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