Each of the Pskov schoolchildren Denis Muraviev and Ekaterina Vlasova who fired at police and then was found dead, in conversation with the correspondent Snob said that shortly before his death, Denis wrote to him about the intention to shoot the girl in the head.

“Dennis, before you take your shot at Kate, wrote to a friend that will shoot Kate in the head because Kate is terrible, and he said that she was not afraid, let him turn back. Said Kate: “Get back”” he said.

Also, according to him, teachers in the school prohibit students from discussing the incident.

“The teachers at school swear, when I hear that children discuss Denis and Katya, suppress conversations at recess. They say that Denis and Kate are to blame and nothing to talk about,” said the young man.

15-year-old Denis and Catherine, who ran away from home because of problems with parents, fired at a police car in the village of Strugi-Krasnyye, before barricading himself in the country the stepfather of the girl. After the storming of the house the Teens were found dead. According to preliminary official version, Denis killed Kate, and then shot himself.

Each of the Pskov students told the details of their “suicide” 19.11.2016

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