The parliamentary elections in Catalonia by a small margin, the party leaders who stand for secession of the region from Spain. This is evidenced by the results of a survey published by the Catalan newspaper La Vanguardia.

The report said that, according to the survey of voters at the exits of polling stations, separatistkie party can get from 67 to 71 of the mandate.

For the separation of Catalonia from Spain are the three political forces: the Alliance JxCat, which includes the former President of the Generalitat de Carles Lucdeme; party ERC; the party CUP. According to the exit polls, they get mandates, respectively, 28-29, 34-36 mandates, 5-6 mandates.

In this moment began the official counting of votes.

Newspaper El Pais reported, citing data from the Generalitat of autonomy that, as of 18:00 voter turnout was 68.3%. For comparison, in the previous elections where there was record-high activity, at this time, voted 63,12%. The final turnout in 2015 is 74.9%.


According to the laws of Spain, the stations will close at 20:00 local time.

Topic of the day: Why Catalonia is seeking independence

Earlier today it was reported that on December 21 of Catalonia held an early parliamentary election is related to the recent separatist scandal in this region of Spain. In the election, local residents will elect 135 members.

October 1, 2017 in Catalonia was the so-called referendum on independence. In defiance of Madrid not without clashes with police the vote was held. On the illegal referendum with a turnout of 42.3% for the independence of the region spoke 90,18%.

27 Oct for secession from Spain voted by the regional Parliament, and the next day Madrid deprived Catalonia autonomy and took control of the regional government.

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Elections in Catalonia: exit poll showed the leadership of the separatists 22.12.2017

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