The press-Secretary of the terrorist group Islamic state, Abu Muhammad al-Adnani was killed during clashes in the countryside of Aleppo, when the Turkish military and Kurdish forces attacked the areas controlled by the Caliphate. This writes the Agency Reuters.

The details of the death of al-Adnani, the Agency said. The Islamic state published a Eulogy, dated 29 Aug.

Adnani was one of the most influential leaders of the terrorist group and appeared in many messages.

Some sources say al-Adnani second man in the hierarchy of the Islamic state after Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

He was known for his calls to a single terrorist attacks on the representatives of Western countries, which he distributed over the Internet In recent times this treatment was made public in may.

For information on the whereabouts of al-Adnani, the US state Department offered a reward of $5 million

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Eliminated in Aleppo the press Secretary of the Islamic state 31.08.2016

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