English dictionary Collins recognized the phrase “fake news” (fake news) most popular in 2017. This was reported by Bi-bi-si.

During the year, the popularity of the phrase grew by 365%, largely due to U.S. President Donald Trump, as he often used in his statements and tweets.

As noted in the Agency policy strongly influenced the selection of the most popular words, among which were “anti-fascists” and “echo chamber”. The concept of the echo chamber means a situation in which a certain belief is reinforced by the transmission of the message or its recurrence within a closed group to drown out alternative information. Antifa – a social movement of struggle against fascism.

In the list of popular words for the year also included the concept of “Insta” (from the name of the social network Instagram), spinner toy.

16 November 2016 Oxford dictionary has awarded the title of word of the year the term “postprod” (post-truth).

English dictionary Collins named the most popular word of the year 02.11.2017

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