Today, September 7, entered into force the law on Amnesty in 2016, in particular providing Amnesty to the participants of the antiterrorist operation in the Donbas, who have not committed serious crimes. Wednesday, September 6, the text of the legislative act was published in the Holos Ukrainy – official Bulletin of the Verkhovna Rada.

According to the law, from punishment to imprisonment and other non-related penalties for individuals found guilty of the less serious or particularly serious intentional crimes, not careless particularly serious crimes, namely:

– that at the time the crime was minor;

– pregnant currently women;

– parents of minor children, children with disabilities, including adults (if they are not deprived of parental rights);

– invalids of I-III groups of individuals with active tuberculosis, oncological diseases (III, IV stage), AIDS (III, IV clinical stage) and other severe diseases hindering the serving of sentence;

– has attained retirement age;

– veterans;

– liquidators of consequences of the Chernobyl accident and victims of this disaster;

– persons at least one of whose parents reached 70-year age or recognized as disabled group I (assuming that these parents have no other able-bodied children.

The law also applies to participants of the ATO, members of combatants who are serving their sentences in prison, convicted of crimes that are particularly heinous against the life and health of the person.

22 Dec 2016 Rada adopted the law on Amnesty in 2016, endorsing the President’s proposals to the document, which included the Amnesty of participants of the ATO.

2 September 2017, the law was signed by President Petro Poroshenko.

See also: the Amnesty covered 1700 participants of the ATO.

Entered into force the law on Amnesty of participants of the ATO 07.09.2017

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