The European Union insists on the necessity of establishing in Ukraine a special anti-corruption court and willing to help with the selection of judges. This is stated in the answer of the EU delegation in Kiev on the issue of EuroPride on the position of Brussels in the anti-corruption court after the publication of the conclusions of the Venice Commission.

In the EU, noted that the opinion of the Venice Commission is very important in the context of further modernization of Ukraine and “contains a useful clarification of European standards for the establishment of specialized anti-corruption of the judiciary”.

“The high specialized anti-corruption court should be established as an independent and separate institution from the existing structure of the judiciary. Conversely, the implementation of this court in the existing structure of the judiciary through the appointment of specialized judges in all General, local courts, appeal courts and the Supreme court cannot be justified or applied in practice, given the current legislation and international obligations of Ukraine on the establishment of a specialized anti-corruption court,” – said in comments.

The EU also welcomed the intention of President Poroshenko to create anti-corruption court, which would meet the standards of the Council of Europe.

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The EU expressed its readiness to provide Ukraine with support in the creation of the Supreme specialized anti-corruption court, which would meet the opinion of the Venice Commission.

“Independence, integrity and professionalism of all judges who will be appointed in anti-corruption court will be crucial to restore public confidence in the government, and the EU is ready to promote transparency in the selection process of judges if necessary,” – said in comments.

6 October 2017, the Venice Commission criticized the draft law on the anti-corruption court, proposed by the MP from the Bloc Poroshenko Sergei Alexeyev, and commented on the draft prepared by the group of experts and registered in the Verkhovna Rada, several MPs, headed by Yegor Sobolev.

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EU ready to help Ukraine with the selection of judges at the corruption court 10.10.2017

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