In the European Union and the Council of Europe called for an end to fierce fighting in the town and to observe the ceasefire. This is stated in the relevant statements.

As noted in the Chairman’s statement, the European external action service, intense fighting in the outskirts of the Town, accompanied by heavy shelling of the banned weapons and led to a significant number of victims, are “a flagrant violation” of the agreement on a ceasefire under the Minsk agreements, and pose a serious threat to civilians.

“We call for an immediate end to the fighting. It will also create the opportunity for immediate repair of critical infrastructure,” – said in a statement.

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The foreign Ministry of the EU emphasize that the full respect of the ceasefire is an important step towards the full implementation of the Minsk agreements, “which are the basis for a peaceful and lasting settlement of the conflict based on respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine”.

The statement also notes that the special OSCE monitoring mission should have full and unhindered access to all conflict-affected areas.

Calling for an end to the fighting in the Donbass, in particular in the town, was made by the Secretary General of the Council of Europe thorbjørn Jagland.

“I am deeply troubled by news from the Donbass and reports of heavy fighting resulting in the loss of life and deteriorating humanitarian situation affecting many civilians, including children. We are particularly concerned about the humanitarian situation in the cities of Donbass, in particular in the plant. I call on all parties to immediately cease hostilities and observe a ceasefire, as envisaged by the Minsk agreements,” – said in a statement Jagland, published on the website of the Council of Europe.

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January 30 and 31 hybrid Russian troops from barreled artillery and RSZO the Hail struck the town, under the control of the APU. As a result, the city was left without heat, electricity and water. On the verge of stopping the largest plant of the city – coke. The city is under the threat of socio-economic disaster. Russian generals in SCCC block a ceasefire in the area. The repair crews can’t get to work. Heavy fighting continues in the far suburbs.

European Union: the Bombardment of the Town – a blatant violation of the Minsk 31.01.2017

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