Police service of the European Union reported an increase in cases of the use of zcash for altcoins, Monero and Ether in the implementation of the illegal transactions in the darknet, according to CoinDesk.

The report Europol IOCTA 2017 States that “digital underground” is rapidly gaining popularity various altcoins, including Ethereum and zcash for. Separately mentioned, the cryptocurrency Monero (XMR), which its popularity owes to the “additional security features and confidentiality.”

“Transactions cannot be attributed to any specific user/address. All used in a transaction, coins are hidden by default, and the payment history will remain confidential,” said Europol advantages of Monero.

The document States that the darknet platforms can be created on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts can be used to pay for illegal goods.

Europol does not mention any specific cases of illegal use of zcash for cryptocurrency. But because of the privacy and capability “of concealment, as a recipient of transaction, and amount,” among darknet sites, there has been a growing interest in her.

Note that contrary to the position of Europol, the zcash for the project is a partner of the forum The Blockchain Alliance. One of its main purposes is to counter cybercrime and the spread of malicious software.

Recall that the Central Bank, the EU has refused to prohibit and to regulate bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Also, Germany’s largest platform for buying bitcoins Bitcoin.de in the near future intends to add support for Ethereum.

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Europol called cryptocurrency used by cybercriminals 04.10.2017

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