Victor Riznichenko, a former security guard, Viktor Yanukovych, told the details of the escape of the ex-dictator from Kiev to Crimea via Russia from 21 to 23 February 2014, referring to the helicopters, presumably Russian, who took Yanukovych under Berdyansk. The information officer of the Department of state announced today, January 18, during interrogation in the Obolon court of Kyiv, the audio of which was conducted by the Prosecutor General YouTube.

According to Riznichenko, on the morning of 21 February, Yanukovych was in Kiev in the workplace, around 18:00, he went by motorcade in Mezhyhirya, about 22:00 took off from Ukraine two helicopters “in an unknown to me direction.”

As the witness said, several hours later, he was assigned to the advance team to travel to Kharkov. “I also visited several cars… Went groups was found on the 110-kilometer highway Kyiv – Kharkiv”, – said the employee of HUGO.

In Kharkov Riznichenko and his colleagues arrived at 10:00 on February 22, Yanukovych was already there in the residence. The ex-President was to take part in the Congress of the Party of regions, but it was canceled, and in the afternoon, a motorcade Yanukovych went to Kharkiv airport, said the witness.

“The airport has two helicopters. One sat down Yanukovych, several guards, and secondly – the chief of presidential security, family and other security personnel”, he said.

According to Riznichenko, an hour after departure “in an unknown direction,” the Manager ordered the crew to return to Kharkov, supposedly this is “team (Alexander) Turchynov”. However, due to lack of fuel, which was referred to the pilots, the helicopters landed in Donetsk.

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From the airport of Donetsk, Yanukovych and his entourage attempted to fly on two planes, but from-for absence of necessary documents the flight was prohibited by guards, said the security guard.

Riznichenko said that the group arrived “in the big house in Donetsk”, and a few hours later, around 22:00 on February 22, Yanukovych with protection left in the direction of the Crimea.

As noted by the staff of ASB, near Berdyansk, Zaporozhye region, the motorcade pulled up to the field.

“The headlights illuminated the field and almost immediately got the first three Mi-8 helicopter. On the fuselage red star, unknown to the pilots was spessartite, without chevrons or stripes,” – said Riznichenko, assuming that “it was the helicopters of the Russian Federation”.

A witness reported that the helicopter they flew in the Russian Anapa, and thence went to the Crimea, arriving on February 23 in Yalta. From Yalta, Yanukovych went to the base of the black sea fleet in Sevastopol.

There the former dictator invited the guards if you wish to go further with him, but where is not specified. More than 10 people agreed, others, including Riznichenko, refused.

According to the witness, the last time he had seen Yanukovych at the parade ground of the Russian military units in the Crimea, about 23:00 on February 23 and the next morning went to Kiev.

11 Dec 2017 interior Minister Arsen Avakov during interrogation in court declared that the life of Yanukovych in late February 2014 was never in danger and his arrest was not planned.

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Ex-Yanukovych’s security guard about his escape: We were picked up by helicopters of the Russian Federation 18.01.2018

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