Social network Facebook said that it had become a “battleground” for governments who are trying to manipulate public opinion in other countries. The company announced new measures to counteract “information operations.” This is stated in the report, Deutsche Welle reports.

In the document on cyber security analysts report that individual governments and organizations are well funded effort to disseminate information, propaganda and lies for geopolitical purposes. Indicates the creation of hundreds of faux profiles to “false inflation” of the importance of individual topics, the collection of users ‘ passwords by cheating, campaign coordination “likes” for viral promotion posts, create groups for covert propaganda, and the dissemination of racist material.

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The authors of the report also added that the aim of such campaigns can be either support or discredit certain ideas or candidates, and creating an atmosphere of mistrust in General.

Facebook announced that it will start the deal with “information operations” with the removal of fake profiles and the discovery of a political or commercial spam.

In particular, before the elections in France, the social network blocked about 30 thousand accounts across the country.

April 8, Google announced that starts the procedure of factchecking news all over the world and now in search results and news service Google News checked facts and materials will be marked with a special marking.

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Facebook acknowledged that was the “battlefield” propagandists 28.04.2017

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