American Facebook Inc. demanded to give her free of charge domain Since 2005 it belongs to the Russian company ZAO Center of financial technologies – head structure of the payment system Golden crown. About it writes Kommersant.

Recently from the site automatic redirection to the payment system. This situation is fundamentally not happy with Facebook Inc.: the Corporation has demanded from the TTF until 30 September to abandon the use of the trademark facebook.

Facebook Inc. 28 August 2017, sent a letter of claim, ZAO CFT, demanding her free of charge domain Facebook Inc. it became known that the domain is owned by ZAO CFT, as with domain automatic redirection to the payment system Golden crown.

The letter notes that the Corporation Facebook Inc. founded in 2004, is the owner of the world famous social network, copyright and trademark facebook in different spellings (earliest priority date in Russia – 2007). Used domain name reproduces a registered trademark, which is absolutely unacceptable for Facebook Inc., to the letter.

The Corporation point to article 1515 of the Civil Kodes of the Russian Federation, envisaging responsibility for the use of another’s trademark in the form of compensation to 5 million rubles, or double the cost of the license to a trademark. In this regard, Facebook Inc. demands the immediate cessation of the use of the trademark and facebook to donate her controversial domain until 30 September, and until 6 September to announce the outcome of the claim. As of September 3, the requirement was not met.

Press service of Facebook Inc. declined to comment. The press service of the CFT said that the domain was purchased in 2005 (Facebook was introduced in Russia in 2008).

“For the last 12 years of complaints from Facebook Inc. or any other person in respect of the domain we have not received,” – said the press service of the CFT. The August letter to Facebook Inc. “is a study of lawyers”, to discuss the claim in CFT refused. Why the company in 2005 received a website with the domain name there is not explained.

Earlier it was reported that the Federal Antimonopoly service of Russia has brought and closed the case against Microsoft.

Facebook requires companies to give domain 04.09.2017

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