Social network Facebook will ask users about how the news resources they have more confidence, transmits Bi-bi-si.

Previously the social network was criticized for the fact that they are a mechanism for the dissemination of fake news messages that do not stand the test of facts, but is widely replicated on the Internet.

In the future, in the ribbon, users will be more likely to appear from trusted sources of information, the report said the founder of the social network and head of the company Facebook Inc. Mark Zuckerberg.

“In today’s world too many the pursuit of sensationalism, misinformation and polarization of viewpoints,” wrote Zuckerberg, whose personal fortune according to Forbes more than 73 billion dollars.

In the surveys about the quality of service Facebook will ask was it the people, whether they are familiar with a particular news source, and how much they trust him, said Zuckerberg in a post published on January 19.

Some of the media “have the trust of their readers or viewers, while others trust the broader society, including those people who do not watch them,” wrote the head of the social network.

The first polls to be held next week, which will begin on January 22.

Zuckerberg announced a method of measuring reliability is far from ideal: for example, media that are trusted by the majority of the population do not necessarily correspond to journalistic standards, says the American online edition of Slate.

Currently news is about 5% of messages in the ribbon, users of Facebook, said in a post of the founder of the social network.

In the future this proportion will fall to 4% due to the fact that users will often show messages from their friends and relatives.

Earlier it was reported that soon a news feed on the social network Facebook will be more likely to display the records of friends and the priority of posts and media companies, on the contrary, will decrease.

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Facebook will determine the reliability of news sources via the poll 21.01.2018

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