The company Facebook plans to hire another 1,000 people to check ads for compliance with the requirements of the company in an effort to prevent that Russia and other countries have used the platform to intervene in elections. About it reports Reuters.

The company said that about 10 million people in the US have seen political advertising in Facebook, which was acquired by Russian companies during and after the presidential elections in the United States.

Facebook, which did not give such estimates, reported that they used modeling to estimate how many people saw at least one of the 3 000 ads. According to the company, 44% of ads were viewed prior to the election held in November 2016, and the remaining 56%.

This is was the reason for the criticism of Facebook, and from the United States and Russia as the world’s largest social network had revealed information about her just last month. Moscow denies any involvement in the ads.

Facebook faced the threat of stricter controls by the U.S. government. CEO mark Zuckerberg in September outlined the steps that the company plans to take to avoid government control

As stated in the last statement of the company, about 25 percent of the ads never did show up. According to the Vice-President for policy and communications at Facebook, Elliot Schrage, due to the fact that the ad is based on interests of users, causing some ads to users were not visible.

Only for political advertising has been spent about $100 thousand

However, according to Schrage, Facebook may discover even more connected with Russia ads, because the investigation is ongoing.

Facebook has partnered with other technology companies, including Twitter Inc. and owned by Google Inc Google, investigating in advance of Russia’s intervention in the elections, said Schrage.

Earlier it was reported that Facebook blocks more than 1 million accounts per day to combat spam, fraud and incitement to hatred.

Facebook will hire a thousand people to check political advertising 03.10.2017

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