Wounds heal faster if people were hurt throughout the day and not after dark. This is evidenced by the results of a new study, reports Bi-bi-si.

The team from the Laboratory of molecular biology British medical research Council observed in 118 patients with burns.

Scientists discovered that the night burns heal in an average of 28 days, and those people got by day – 17. This effect explain the biological clock, who are working around the clock virtually every cell of the human body.

Detailed laboratory testing showed that skin cells called fibroblasts change their characteristics in the next 24 hours. Fibroblasts are “fast” body, which is the first “rushes to the site of injury” to close the wound. During the day they are “charged” to the reaction, but loses this ability.

Researchers believe that this knowledge will help to improve surgical practice. Some drugs, such as the steroid cortisol, can “restart” the clock of individual cells of the body, and thus to contribute to the night procedures.

Besides, the body is different people has different chronotype. So, it may make sense to plan operations in accordance with the 24-hour “circadian rhythms” of patients.

But this idea is not yet tested.

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Faster heal the wounds received during the day – scientists 10.11.2017

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