The whole composition of the UN in the amount of 193 countries-members of the organization signed the document, requiring the global community to work together to rid the world of drug-resistant pathogens, so-called “superbugs”. This is with reference to the press center of the UN says service Bi-bi-si.

Experts argue that if countries manage to stick to the declared plans, the world will die every year 700 thousand people less. Signatory countries to sponsor the creation of new antibiotics and to improve diagnosis and train medical staff and the public about ways to combat resistant bacteria.

Doctors have 193 States have two years to submit a plan for combating superbugs.

“Now the real work begins. Need to the authorities, doctors, pharmacists and agriculturists adhere to their obligations and was saved by modern medicine,” – said the adviser to the British government on medical issues, Sally Davis.

Doctors have called the Declaration a breakthrough.

The problem of superbugs have arisen in connection with the excessive prevalence of antibiotics to which the microorganisms have developed resistance.

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It’s only the fourth agreement in the organization’s history related to health: earlier was the Declaration on HIV (2001), non-communicable diseases (2011) and Ebola virus (2013).

Fighting superbugs: the UN signed a historic Declaration 21.09.2016

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