Behind the two Italian regions of Veneto and Lombardy politicians want to hold a referendum on the special autonomy of Liguria. The relevant resolution called for the establishment of the vote the leader of the party group the Northern League in Liguria, Alessandro Piana, the edition San Remo News.

“Today I asked the Chairman of the Presidium of the regional Council Angelo Vacarasu to put in the agenda of the next session the proposition of our resolution on holding an Advisory referendum on the granting of Liguria extra forms and special conditions of autonomy”, – he said.

Piana noted that “the referendum is the ultimate expression of democracy” and expressed hope that he will be held in the near future.

Italian regions Lombardy and Veneto on October 22 held a consultative referendum on the extension of autonomy.

Yesterday, 3 November, the French authorities agreed to hold a referendum on self-determination of New Caledonia in 2018, which is provided by the 1998 agreement.

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For the third region of Italy wants to hold a referendum on autonomy 04.11.2017

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