19 Dec FINTECH-startup Creditor.ai-based Ukrainians Victor Ignatyuk and Greg Butko, released on the U.S. market and began connecting local players of the credit market. About it reports a press-service of the company.

A few months ago the company raised $130 thousand investment from us accelerator Starta.

Creditor.ai is a marketplace denial of loan applications where the credit market players can sell or buy exemption application for a loan from other members.

According to the research company, as well as General statistics on the global credit market came from 100 loan applications, credit organizations approve only 10, depending on the type of loan product. Such a high failure rate, usually substantiates specific and individual rules of admission decisions on the results of loan risk models, scoring and other models of analysis of the creditworthiness of borrowers.

While about 15% of the rejected applications of the borrowers are of good quality and were rejected for reasons not directly linked with the creditworthiness of the borrower.

“The reasons may be associated with the model estimates the borrower, and sometimes does, for absurd reasons is geographical. For example, not every borrower even with good credit ratings from new York, would be able to take a loan from the California micro-credit company due to certain peculiarities of this field in different U.S. States. With the help of a Creditor.ai credit company from California can sell the unused loan application firm from new York and, thereby, to reimburse their costs of attracting customers,” – said in the message.

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“Creditor.ai eliminates the inefficiency of the credit market and enables credit institutions to earn their exemption borrowers”, – said Victor Ignatyuk, co-founder of the Creditor.ai.

Earlier it was reported that a Ukrainian boat began to register trademark in America.

Founded by Ukrainians startup Creditor.ai started in the United States 20.12.2017

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