In France October 1, 2017, any commercial photography of any model, subjected to the process of digital montage, should come with a warning notice “photographie retouchée” – “retouched photograph”. This was reported by Bi-bi-si.

Violators face a fine – or 37,5 thousand euros, or 30% of the cost of creating the advertisement itself.

French law does not forbid to retouch your hair or spots on the skin.

The French authorities stated that such measures should help fight extreme thinness of the models. In addition, health problems can develop in those who would like to look like a model, despite the fact that it is physically impossible, since the appearance of the models in the photo are corrected using the computer.

“When young people see the supposedly normative, but in fact unrealistic image of the human body, this leads to a negative perception of themselves and the inferiority complex, which in turn may provoke habits harmful to health,” said health Minister Marisol Touraine.

France is not the first country applying such measures. This has been done in Israel. But in France, tens of thousands of girls suffer from anorexia, and body mass index, which indicates the degree of conformity of weight of the person and his growth, among the French is the lowest in Europe.

The government is taking other measures to fight extreme thinness in the industry of high fashion. From may 2017, the model should provide a certificate from a doctor stating that they are completely healthy, and many companies prohibit hiring too skinny models.

After France announced the new law, the Agency Getty Images has also banned the use of retouched photos.

France banned retouched photos of models 08.10.2017

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