France began the experiment on payment of an unconditional basic income. The experiment conducts a non-governmental Association, which by lot was chosen from almost 80 thousand graduates of the three lucky winners who will within year free of charge to 1,000 euros per month. It is reported by RFI with reference to the newspaper Libération.

The subject of payment of an unconditional basic income is being discussed in the developed world for many years, and in France this year became one of the main themes of the presidential campaign – to enter it required the candidate, Benoit Hamon, supported by the socialists and greens.

The essence of an unconditional basic income is that every citizen, regardless of income, should receive the same amount, which would allow him to survive. This will help many to escape the “poverty trap” – a situation when from-for low salaries can not pay for education for retraining, advanced training or just to waste time searching for the best work.

In today’s world even having a job does not always save the person from becoming poor. In Europe 10% of working people are poor. In France the number of working people living below the poverty line, i.e. earning less than 1015 euros per month exceeded 1 million, and the total number of the poor is 8.9 million.

The initiative to hold the first in France of the experiment on payment of a basic income showed Julien Bayou, a spokesman for the party Europe ecology-the greens, Deputy of the regional Council of île-de-France. He created a nonprofit organization “My basic income”, which in November announced the beginning of fundraising for the experiment, and on December 6 held a draw and chose the first three its participants – from 78629 comers who signed up for the Association. These three will be in the course of the year – from January 2018, receive 1,000 euros per month.

The newspaper Libération was able to meet with two of them – 53-year-old girl from a leather shop and a carpenter, a roofer from New region of Aquitaine, who, because of health problems were on the labour exchange and receives unemployment benefits at 545 euros. The first to defer, receive money, and the carpenter wants to use the money in order to get out of “poverty trap” and first buy a good suit to get a better look at interviews.

In February, the founder of SpaceX Elon Musk said that the developed countries will have to move to a system of basic income because of the coming of automation, which in the near future will lead to massive loss of jobs.

France began the experiment on payment of an unconditional income 25.12.2017

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