The migrants in Calais, but wish to obtain refugee status in the UK must be able to submit their petitions on French territory. This was stated by the head of the region Nord-Pas-de-Calais, Xavier Bertrand, transmits Bi-bi-si.

According to him, currently in refugee camp in Calais, known as Jungle, is home to about 9,000 illegal migrants, and many of them tend to get in Britain.

Bertrand said that it is necessary to introduce a new system in which everyone could submit a petition to grant them asylum in the UK to a certain institution on French territory, instead of sitting and waiting, when turned up the chance to cross the English channel.

Those who refused would be deported to their countries of origin, invites the politician.

This situation, according to Bertrand, is more consistent with the current “agreement Le Touquet” defines the principles of the British border controls on French territory.

The de facto border is in Calais, and, therefore, the request status must also be taken to Calais, says Bertrand. Or, he believes, it is necessary to make bilateral amendments to the existing agreement.

Kale has become the epicenter of the crisis with the refugees in France. The ‘Jungle’ camp is growing, and every night illegal immigrants attempting to get into a lorry heading to the UK.

After the closing of the Balkan route of penetration of refugees into the EU, illegal migrants began to find new ways.

France wants to renegotiate the border agreement with Britain 29.08.2016

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