The foreign Ministers of the DPRK and Cuba rejected the “unilateral and arbitrary” requirements of Washington, expressing concern about the escalation of tensions on the Korean Peninsula. This is stated in the message of the Cuban authorities, writes Reuters.

Diplomats gathered in Havana, called for “respect the sovereignty of Nations” and “peaceful settlement of disputes”, according to the final statement, published on the website of the Cuban foreign Ministry.

“North Korea is seeking support in the face of unprecedented pressure from the United States and the international community to halt its nuclear missile programs. The country has maintained cordial political relations with Cuba since 1960, despite the opposition of the island nation’s nuclear weapons,” says the Agency.

According to some diplomats, Cuba is one of the few countries that could persuade Pyongyang to turn away from confrontation with the United States.

Anonymous offred the U.S. state Department told Reuters that Washington “made it clear” he wants a peaceful resolution of the nuclear issue of North Korea. “But belligerent and provocative behavior of the DPRK shows that it is not interested in a peaceful solution,” the official lamented.

Cuba and North Korea are the latest countries in the world that support a command economy of the Soviet type, although under President Raul Castro, Cubans have taken small steps in the direction of “market communism” of China and Vietnam. The Havana has an Embassy in North Korea, but Cuba trades almost exclusively with South Korea (in 2016 trade with the South was $67 million, with North Korea – only $9 million).

Listen well: there was a record of a noise attack on the U.S. Embassy in Cuba – audio

The US and Cuba in 2015 after more than 50 years of restored diplomatic relations and opened diplomatic missions in Havana and Washington.

At the beginning of September 2017, the U.S. said that 19 government employees were injured after a possible acoustic attacks targeting the U.S. Embassy in Cuba. Media reported that hearing problems diplomats could be associated with devices that emit inaudible sound waves that can cause deafness. Cuba denies this information and reiterates its own investigation of these allegations.

November 20, U.S. President Donald trump returned to North Korea to list of state sponsors of terrorism, thereby clearing the way for the introduction of more stringent sanctions against the totalitarian state which creates nicotianamine ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons.

Friends mode: Cuba and the DPRK criticized the “tyranny” of the US 23.11.2017

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