From the Bank Boguslav brought part of the assets prior to the introduction of the interim administration. About it writes the Economic truth.

The Bank had a portfolio of highly liquid assets in the form of government bonds worth over UAH 200 million, or about 75% of the total volume of highly liquid assets in the portfolio.

From 29 September to 2 October, before the introduction of temporary administration, the Bank has concluded a number of agreements to ensure compliance with its obligations by approximately the same amount.

Creditors who have received security bonds, were: Alfa-Bank (liabilities Bohuslav front of him was 61 million UAH), vanguard Bank, which previously owned Valeriya Gontareva (UAH 17 million) and the company Profinvest (110 million UAH).

This company appears in the criminal proceedings regarding the illegal taking of the stock market history.

In addition, during September and October tended to the fragmentation of the deposits.

The amount of individuals ‘ deposits decreased by approximately 10% (about 30 million), but the amount of possible compensation from the guarantee Fund for deposits of individuals increased by 15% (over 25 million) – up to 188 million UAH.

The Bank knew that soon there may come a bankruptcy and therefore, large deposits of VIP-clients in excess of 200 thousand UAH, we divided the amount up to 200 thousand to get a refund from the Fund of guaranteeing the deposits of individuals.

From the Bank Boguslav brought the assets before joining the DGF – media 27.11.2017

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