In Germany a young man during a session in the cinema tried to open a beer with a container, which was filled with pepper gas, but instead of quenching thirst it turned out unintentional gas attack. Reported by the Associated Press.

It is reported that 29-the summer inhabitant Severo-the Western German city of osnabrück, the balloon burst and 200 moviegoers were forced to flee from the hall.

The movie theater Manager told reporters that the movie turned into chaos. However, according to him, he called the police, offered audiences a drink and opened the window. The film was restarted after 30 minutes.

The police reported that for medical assistance none of the visitors spoke. The incident occurred on October 30. In some German cities are allowed to drink beer in movie theaters.

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Gas attack in the movie: the German guy wanted to open a can of beer 04.11.2017

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