Gasoline and diesel fuel in networks OKKO and WOG over the weekend went up by 50 kopecks./l. the Price of gasoline A-95 for the first time exceeded 30 UAH/l. About this enkorr reported by the Consulting group A-95.

Gasoline a-95 in both networks is sold at 30,49 UAH/liter, A-92 – 29,49 UAH/l, diesel fuel – by UAH 27,99/L.

In addition, for 10 kop/l the price of diesel fuel and gasoline has risen in the networking Katral and ZOG.

The average price of gasoline grades A-92 and A-95 as of Monday increased by 11 kopecks./l and 12 kopecks./l, to 27.40 UAH/l 28,14 UAH/liter, respectively. The price of gasoline a-95+ increased by 12 kopecks./l to 29.26 UAH/liter, and diesel fuel has risen to of 25.92 UAH/liter (+11 kopecks./l).

The rise in prices due to the weakening of the hryvnia against major world currencies. In particular, in relation to the dollar in the last week (from 11-18 December), the hryvnia has depreciated by 2% against the Euro, by 2.5%.

Gasoline prices at filling stations exceeded 30 UAH 18.12.2017

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