Naftogaz of Ukraine is concerned about the systematic violation of the OAO Gazprom transit contract for the provision of the minimum gas pressure at the entrance to the Ukrainian GTS. The last significant pressure drop occurred today at a gas metering station (GMS) Sudzha. The pressure of the Russian gas transportation system at this key entry point was 53.5 ATM at minimum acceptable percentage 60,0 ATM. About it reports a press-service of the company.

Naftogaz suggests that Gazprom is not able to maintain a stable system pressure at the required level due to the poor state of the Russian gas transportation infrastructure. “Since 2011, the Russian side has stopped publishing data on the number of accidents on the traditional gas and at the same time, pays much attention to the construction of new pipelines. Analysis of the situation is complicated by the lack of explanations of the Russian side regarding the failure to comply with the requirements of the contract”, – stated in the message.

Ukraine is ready to continue in good faith to fulfill its obligations on gas transit to the EU on the conditions specified in the current contract, the company emphasized that “All actions necessary to ensure stable transit of gas next winter, fulfilled by the Ukrainian side as according to the schedule and fully funded”, – stated in the message.

In Naftogaz recalled that in June 2014, Gazprom export, a subsidiary of Gazprom unilaterally refused the services of balancing, when gas transit through the territory of Ukraine. Thus, Ukraine has no obligation to provide Gazprom with additional volumes of gas to cover a sudden increase in requests for gas from European consumers.

In late July, Naftogaz appealed to the European Commission and the Energy Community Secretariat with a request to consider the establishment of a monitoring mission to verify the facts significant pressure drop in the Russian gas transportation system at the entrance to the gas transportation system of Ukraine.

Gazprom is again not withstand the pressure of the contract – Naftogaz 23.08.2016

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