In the Odessa division of the civilian corps Azov said, take the situation in Loshchynivka Odessa region under their control, to prevent the return of the Roma in the village. This is stated on the page corps in Vkontakte.

According to the report, before the funeral earlier killed in the village of 9-year-old girl, held a “people’s gathering” at which it was decided “not to allow the Roma to return to the Loshchynivka”. According to Azov, the representative of the Roma is guilty of murder. Also it was decided that the civic body basics takes responsibility to resolve the situation by all possible means”.

In a press-service of the organization said that local law enforcement officers “refused to comply with their professional duties and now perform their functions in the village will be the self-defense forces under the leadership of the civil corps Azov”.

Azov said, “are ready to prevent physical violence, threatened members of ethnic mafia”.

“Now we begin the fight against drug trafficking throughout the Odessa area, waiting for support from people and volunteers who will travel with us and to break the backbone of the Gypsy system of drug trafficking”, – stated in the message of Azov.

August 26 Loshchynivka was found the body of the girl 2007 year of birth with signs of violent death. On suspicion in murder of militiamen detained the man. According to local residents, it belongs to the Roma nationality. On the evening of 27 August in the village there were mass riots. Was damaged the homes of local Roma. In the village the police arrived. In turn, the residents of Loshchynivka demanded to evict the Roma from the village. Subsequently, the President of Izmail regional state administration Valentin Stoykov said it reached an agreement with Roma about them moving from Loshchynivka.

In the office of the Ombudsman said that the decision to evict the Roma from the village illegally. It discriminare of people on grounds of ethnic origin.

GC basics: We took the situation in Loshchynivka under control 01.09.2016

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