German authorities concerned about the intentions of the European Parliament to amend the Dublin agreement (the agreement on the admission of refugees to the EU countries), Deutsche Welle reports.

As specified, the German government fear that they will have to accept far more refugees than before.

Today the issue of asylum is considered by immigration authorities of the country where migrants first applied for asylum or for the first time stepped on the land of the EU. However, after the adoption of the amendments to the Dublin agreement to address this issue would be in the country, which is already home to relatives of the asylum seeker.

Thus, Germany would have to accept considerably more refugees, says the report of the Federal Ministry of the interior. In turn, the upper limit for reception set by the authorities, “frustrated”.

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Most of the representatives of the interior Ministry of Germany are concerned that, according to the proposals of the European Parliament, to establish the relationship “is quite simple verbal approval.”

“If each of the 1.4 million people who from 2015, has requested asylum in Germany, will be the link to other refugees, we need to talk about quite other terms than the family reunion,” said state Secretary at the Ministry of internal Affairs of Germany OLE Schroeder.

As of September 2017, in Germany there were 580 thousand refugees.

Germany fears new wave of refugees 13.01.2018

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