27 December 1901 in Berlin, the actress was born Maria Magdalena Dietrich. Google has decided to turn the Doodle artist.

She became famous after the premiere of “Blue angel”, held in 1930, and then went to Hollywood. There Dietrich starred in six films directed by Josef von Sternberg, brought her worldwide fame. In the film “Morocco” actress appeared in the image of the singer in the suit, after which many women began to wear pants. Then came the film “Blonde Venus, scarlet Empress.”, “the Devil is a woman”.

The actress returned to Germany a star, but because of the rejection of the ideology of Nazism Dietrich defiantly applied for American citizenship. During the Second world war she gave concerts in the allied forces in North Africa, Italy and France.

Dietrich was familiar with the writers Ernest Hemingway and Erich Maria Remarque, and Russian singer Alexander Vertinsky dedicated the actress of the song “Marlene”.

In 1999, the American film Institute put Dietrich on the ninth place in the list of the greatest Actresses of classic Hollywood cinema.

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Google has dedicated a Doodle of the iconic actress Marlene Dietrich 27.12.2017

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