Search engine Google dedicated today’s Doodle birthday cat named Tama, who for eight years was the railway stationmaster Kishi station in the Japanese city Kinokawa.

Tama born April 29 1999 and grew up among the feral cats that lived near the station. In 2006 the local train company trying to cut costs, dismissed all the employees of the stations and got to station inspectors among the employees of nearby businesses, for whom this work became an additional income. Manager Kari was the saleswoman grocery Toshiko Koyama, who was sheltered at the station Tama and other stray cats.

Google Doodle dedicated to the cat tame

In 2007 railway officials came up with the idea to officially designate Tamu stationmaster of Kishi. The primary duty of the cat to the new “posts” was the meeting arriving at the station of passengers. The animal was even given a miniature hat of the caretaker, and wages “paid” with food.

The original course of the railway was a success: is the destination Tama contributed to the increase in passenger traffic, and the economy of the region was replenished by investment. In 2008, the cat was promoted to “senior postmaster” and gave her “office” – a converted booth for ticket sales, equipped with kitty litter. And in 2010, Tama was promoted to “Executive Director” that was a recognition of its “contribution to the expansion of the client base of the company.”

Photo: AFP

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Tama died on 22 Jun 2015 from heart failure and lived for 16 years (equivalent to almost 80 years of human life). The animal was buried with military honors and awarded the posthumous title of “eternal honorary stationmaster”, and a Japanese temple cats Tamu elevated to the status of a deity.

In March 2017, American scientists have found that cats like to be in the company of people than food.

Google has dedicated a Doodle to the cat is the boss of railway stations in Japan 29.04.2017

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