Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko shrugs off warnings about the risks absentia “maydanovsky”, and in the Department, coordination between departments, investigating crimes of the previous government. This was stated by the head of the Department of special investigations of the GPU Sergey Gorbatyuk, writes Focus.

“The attorney General is only interested in the completion of investigations by top representatives of the former government suspected of organizing these crimes. He constantly voiced any new of the investigation, I believe that any time can be regarded protection as pressure on the court, as evidence that the investigation was not objective,” he said.

According to the Gorbatyuk, there is “absolutely no perception” Lutsenko risk of application of correspondence, the head of the GPU he “constantly repeats”. For public position on this issue in 2016, the official was reprimanded.

“The procedure (in absentia production – ed.), which was adopted by the Parliament, is imperfect, it leads to the deliberate cancellation is received verdicts”, – he stressed, adding that because of this protection is the same Viktor Yanukovych will be able to successfully challenge the convictions in the ECHR.

In order that the verdict in absentia procedure was legitimate, you need to change a law, said Gorbatyuk.

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The total volume of cases on the events in Maidan, the official said huge, what a “great job of Yanukovych can not finish in tangible time.”

“I told the attorney General. Lutsenko so I imagined it: there is a “big deal Yanukovych”, which can investigate and bring to trial. I explained that it is impossible to do, and I answered that everything is possible. In the end I managed to prove that if all the episodes will combine into one, will have to join and the timing of their investigations, and this is one year under our laws. Ultimately, the business would have to close due to the expiration of the deadline,” he explained.

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Gorbatyuk told of the risks Lutsenko “maydanovsky” 20.11.2017

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