The Prosecutor General’s office and the State fiscal service (SFS) initiated the arrest of all kinds of petroleum products in tanks all filling stations network BRSM-Nafta. The reason of non-payment of UAH 1.6 bn in taxes, according to enkorr with reference to the definition of the Shevchenko district court of Kyiv from September 26.

GPU and GFS justify the need to arrest fuel, that the operator of the filling station network BRSM-Nafta company state oil evaded paying about 1.6 billion UAH of taxes (mainly excise tax) for 2015 – first quarter 2016. This tax was assessed by the fiscal service in October 2016, according to the results of the extraordinary inspection.

Check the SFS found that using gas stations BRSM-Nafta final consumers dispensed petroleum products, which are adopted state by Oil deposited from related companies of Bel-OYL Park TRANS.

GFS found that these contracts can be fictitious, but the state oil bezoplatnoy received the oil and sold them to end consumers through the speakers at the gas station. This led to the distortion of the tax and financial reporting state of the oil was the reason for additional tax obligations for the implementation of the unaccounted oil products through a network of Belarusian Republican youth Union-Nafta.

The solution to the SFS about the additional UAH 1.6 billion was confirmed by the court July 20, 2017 and entered into force.

September 16 all petroleum products in the retail network BRSM-Nafta was recognized as material evidence in the case of tax evasion in the amount of UAH 1.6 billion.

At the same time on 26 September, the Shevchenkovsky regional court of Kiev refused to the GFS and the GPU in the arrest of petroleum products network BRSM-Nafta from a complete ban on their implementation, considering such an arrest unreasonable. The court’s refusal is not a hindrance for GFS and the GPU to handle such a request again.

The network of the youth Union founded in 1995 by Andrew Bboy and Oleg Polishchuk. In 2007, Polishchuk sold its 50% stake in network Edward Stavisky. During the work of the last government from 2010 to 2013, the network Union grew 5 times (from 26 to 130 gas stations). After the explosion of a gas stations company in Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyi (April 2014) and the waves investigation on the involvement in the business Eduard Stavitsky, its share crossed the Frieze oil Groups, and both shareholders went abroad, where there are still. In 2016, the partners divided the business in half, each departed for 63 stations. Now the station Stavisky are managed by the state oil controlled by Andrey Biba.

GPU and GFS want to arrest all of the petroleum products the Belarusian Republican youth Union-Nafta 02.10.2017

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