The Minister of education and science, Liliya Hrynevych supports the reduction of academic subjects to pupils of 10-11 classes. She stated this in an interview to UKRINFORM.

“The last two years at school children should be given the opportunity to concentrate on those things they need to continue their education rather than 19 items in the same amount,” – said Grinevich.

According to her, are now discussed proposals for the new curriculum for grades 10-11.

“They have to come into effect in 2018, to join their discussion on the Ministry’s website. You need to understand that 10-11 is already a profile school. Children usually at this point have already decided whether they are humanists, or they will go, for example, in mathematics and science education,” – said Grinevich.

She added that the curriculum 40% of hours will be given a choice of school.

“When the school creates a profile and children, according to your profile, unable to study in depth those subjects which they need. For example, when we talk about teaching natural Sciences to the Humanities, we propose to have not one or one and a half hours of physics, chemistry and biology once a week, or a week. In this case, all over the world go through the integrated course of natural Sciences – physics, chemistry, biology,” – said the Minister.

She believes that this step allows the child to form a holistic picture of the world.

“We have retained the culture of separate subjects – physics, chemistry and biology, and we offer integrated course to enter in the 10-11 class for Humanities. But all schools will have the right to choose the above items in the course profile, as a discipline, and study them much more hours,” – said Grinevich.

18 January it was reported that students may reduce the number of compulsory subjects from 22 to 9.

Grinevich explained how to change education for high school students 27.01.2017

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